Zinc and Zinc Plating

An expertise in Zinc and Zinc Alloy Electroplating, Roy Metal Finishing's plating commitment is to bringing quality metal finishing to their customers.

Starting nearly 50 years ago with acid chloride and alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating, RMF has expanded the zinc options to include both acid and alkaline zinc nickel (10-15% nickel content), alkaline zinc iron, acid zinc cobalt and tin zinc plating. Zinc and zinc alloy plating makeup 85% our business, the remaining percentage is zinc phosphate, and stainless steel passivation.

The most dramatic change in our processes in recent years has been our handling of trivalent passivates and sealers & topcoats. After plating, our customers have multiple options – for example we offer 3 different trivalent clear options that range from a thin film blue bright economical passivate to a thick film clear passivate for demanding corrosion environments.

In addition to clear passivates, we also offer trivalent black passivates for zinc, zinc iron, zinc cobalt and zinc nickel and we offer yellow, green and red dyes over zinc.

RMF's sealer and topcoat offerings continue to expand. The plating industry continues to move away from the use of hexavalent chrome and demand better corrosion protection. Our offerings range from rust inhibitors to silicate based non-organic sealers to water soluble organic clear and black topcoats. All of our sealers and topcoats can be applied over the entire range of zinc and zinc alloys.

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